Acing an Interview: Key Takeaways from Today’s Webinar

By   |   August 28th, 2015   |   0 Comments presented a free webinar for job seekers about Acing Today’s Interview. Sponsored by Ag 1 Source, presenter Mike Koenecke discussed how interviewing has changed over the years, the different types of interviews, key preparation, making a good first impression and following up.


Mike discussed first impressions making the difference in the actual interview. The interviewer will develop their impression of you within the first ten seconds of meeting. Before heading out for your interview, ask yourself the following question about your interview look, “What would my mother say?”


He also discussed The Primacy Effect, which refers to the fact that the brain favors information it receives first. So candidates should be positive before being negative in question responses in a job interview. When asked the infamous question, “What is your weakness?”….start by saying something positive first. Then you can discuss how you’ve recognized your weaknesses and what you’ve done to overcome them in the past. You can find out more about the Primacy Effect by watching this brain game video on YouTube.


“The best predictor of future success is past success,” shared Mike. Candidates need to consider their past accomplishments, projects and work, and be able to effectively communicate how this will translate in the future for the prospective employer. Job seekers should work to create value beyond their resume and be able to articulate this value in the interview. Value can relate to strengths, motivations, personal traits/behaviors, leadership, actions, values and cultural fit.


Asking questions at the end of an interview can be just as important as your answers throughout the interview. Stay away from questions about salary in the first interview. Mike shared an effective question you can pose to your interviewer: “Would there by anything else I could provide to help you make the hiring decision?” recorded the webinar which can be viewed on our YouTube Channel. Take time to watch and learn how you can ace your next interview! View the webinar now: Acing Today’s Interview.

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