Top States & Provinces for Ag Jobs

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top states for ag jobsWhere the ag jobs are, one waits for you. recently released its 2015 Job Reports for the United States and Canada. Check out the following findings regarding the states and provinces with the most ag jobs posted in 2015 by employers.


Top 5 States for Ag Jobs


1. Iowa – Reigning again as the top state for agricultural jobs, Iowa is known for its pork and corn production.


2. California – Very close behind Iowa is the state of California. As a very agriculturally diverse state, you can find produce, livestock, crop and agribusiness jobs in California.


3. Illinois – When it comes to corn production, Illinois is neck and neck with Iowa. In fact, crop production was tied at first with the top industry type in the Midwest in the 2015 US Job Report, tying with  Input, Retail and Related Crop Services.


4. Nebraska – Ag jobs in Nebraska are varied but again mostly consist of careers in crop production and services.


5. Texas – Another agriculturally diverse state, Texas ranks as number five on for job postings in 2015.


The abundance of jobs in the Midwest region is evident with more than 37,000 jobs posted in 2015, or 49% of total jobs posted in the United States (as shown in Figure 6 on the following page). The Midwest region includes the states of Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, North Dakota, Nebraska, Ohio, South Dakota and Wisconsin. The next largest region was the West with 18% of posted jobs, followed closely by the South with 17%.


top provinces for ag jobsMoving to Canada, we don’t have specific data on the top provinces for job postings in 2015, but we can report on the top three most popular areas in Canada for ag job postings.


Top 3 Province Regions for Ag Jobs


1. Prairies (Manitoba and Saskatchewan) – Manitoba and Saskatchewan make up the Prairies region that had the largest number of jobs posted in 2015 with nearly 1,700.


2. Western (Alberta and British Columbia) – The second largest region for job postings was Western. Both the Prairies and Western Canada are well known for their crop production.


3. Central (Ontario and Quebec) – Rounding out the top three province regions for ag jobs in Canada are the Central provinces of Ontario and Quebec. Like the previous three regions, the top career type in the Central provinces is sales/retail.


The total number of job postings in Canada and the United States were up 26% in 2015, reaching a record high of 81,386. On average, almost 6,800 jobs were posted on each month.


To read more findings from the 2015 Job Reports, please visit our Market Research page. Also, be sure to search by location using the interactive map on the homepage.


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