Tips for Taking a Job with Difficult Hours

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difficult hoursHaving a job that requires working nights, weekends or holidays is a rite of passage for most 20 something’s. Ask around and those who have been in the workforce for several years will most likely have stories to tell about a previous job with less than ideal hours. Couple this with the reality that agriculture is not a Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. industry and it’s very likely you’ll take a job with difficult hours at some point in your career. So add “I Will Survive” to your music playlist, crank it up and utilize these tips to not only survive but thrive!


Handling the Difficult Hours


● Be aware that it will take your body time to adjust to the new schedule. However, with time it will become your new normal. Be patient and resilient in making the changes to your daily schedule.


● Do not neglect sleep. If you are working nights make sure that your body is still getting the recommended hours of sleep. Dark curtains and sleep aid apps on your phone are worth the investment. My favorite app is called “Relax Melodies” and it does wonders in calming your mind making it easier to fall asleep!


● Do not over-caffeinate. While coffee, tea and pop can help ward off fatigue be careful not to overdo it.


● Communicate with your family and friends. Getting others to understand why you are not available during peak social times may be difficult. However it is critical that you maintain open communication and make spending time with loved ones a priority.


Make the Most of Your Schedule

● Consider getting a side gig. Your unconventional work hours may just open up the opportunity to hustle some extra dollars or pursue a personal interest not related to your career.


● Working holidays or several consecutive days may result in an extended vacation down the line. Use this time wisely to reconnect with family and friends and recuperate from the long work hours.


● Catch the newest movies for half the price! Matinee tickets are always cheaper and an empty theater means you don’t have to worry about sitting behind a tall person!


There are certainly benefits to taking a job with difficult hours. While the schedule will test you, it will also give you the opportunity to showcase your good attitude and work ethic. This will not go unnoticed by those around you. Additionally working nights, weekends or holidays will require you to be more resourceful as there are typically less managers and coworkers around. This is an experience that will be much appreciated by future prospective employers.


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