4 Tips for Having a Professional Headshot Done

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getting a professional headshot doneIn a world where most anything can be found online, it is important to be aware of your social presence not only on a personal standpoint but a professional stand point as well. That first impression can make a huge difference in whether you will land the job interview. Consider what someone may find when they search for you on the internet. Ask yourself, what picture of me is going to pop up when an employer is searching for me? Is this picture what I really want my future employer to see and does it represent who I am on a professional level? It may be time to consider getting a professional headshot done.


Here are some things to consider when getting your photo taken.


1) Research who will be taking your photo. Have they done other headshots for individuals? If so, do you like the style? You can typically view a photographer’s work on their website or social media pages. Review other headshots they’ve done. Also be sure to check that their prices are in line with your budget.

2) Know the tone are you wanting to set for this particular shot. Is it formal, serious, approachable, or business casual? All of the above? Determine what type of picture would best suit your current needs. Tailor your wardrobe and look to the tone. Also, if you would like to have a more approachable and relatable tone, consider having your headshot done in an outdoor setting that your clients or coworkers might find you in such as in a field or at a farm.

3) Are you in need of a new wardrobe for the headshot? Clothing plays a huge role in how your photo is going to turn out. Try to stick with solid colors that complement your skin tone. A suit jacket or blazer with a nice shirt beneath usually works best. Do not wear anything that exposes too much skin and try to keep jewelry a bit more limited. Consider makeup and hairstyle as well; maintain professionalism and conservatism. A classic style will extend the longevity of your headshot and hopefully not stand out in a negative way (so save the bright pink lipstick or orange suit jacket for another time).

4) What size and file type of photos will your photographer provide you? It’s important to know exactly what you are getting; you are paying for this service. You want to be sure that the copies of photos that you receive are going to be the correct sizing for uploading to your social media outlets. Also, ask your photographer to take a few practice headshots and let you see them afterward. You might think everything’s perfect and your photographer will likely help you with posing, but you may not like what you’re getting if you don’t have any idea how you actually look in the lights and against the chosen background. You may also have a makeup smudge or a double chin, so be sure you get a look at what you’ll be getting before you leave the photographer.


Most importantly, just relax for your headshot photo. It’s when you’ll look your best! Find other tips about maintaining a positive social media presence during the job search.


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