Three Quick Tips for Job Search Organization

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job search organizationDigital organization is vital for today’s job search organization. Customizing your resume and cover letter for each job opening is essential to get your application noticed and make it through what can seem like a digital maze. However, that means it’s all too easy to attach the wrong file or an old version of your resume during the application process. Making that mistake can be an embarrassment and cost you the chance at an interview. This is where your digital organization skills become essential.


Here are three quick tips to simply organize your career search:


1) File Name: Save your resume and cover letter as a unique file name, such as EllaParkerSalesResume.doc. When you apply to a role, save your resume with your name and the title of the job you are applying to, maybe even add the date. This will help you prepare for any conversations or interviews where you might need to revisit your application materials. It will also help you to quickly recognize the newest version, saving you some stress in your job search organization. Plus, this prevents your resume from being lost with all the other files employers receive. You’d be surprised how many resumes recruiters receive that are saved only as “resume.doc.” It also makes things easy for the hiring manager; they can effortlessly locate and recognize your resume!


Cite the original source where you found out about the job in your cover letter (e.g. “I learned about this opportunity through”). This will help you recall details when you are reviewing essential materials prior to an interview.



2) Saving the Details: Imagine you get a phone call from an employer, “Hello, I’m calling about the position you applied for at our organization….” You may immediately wonder “Which job? What company? I’ve applied to so many!” It could’ve been months since you applied.



Establish an informal record of your applications by creating a document or spreadsheet on your computer or mobile device. List date applied, organization, job title, source (where you found and applied to the job, e.g., career services, company website) and a link to or copy of the job description. If you are fortunate enough to get called in for an interview, make certain you have access to the published job posting so you can review the job’s responsibilities and requirements. It’s possible the job will no longer be active or published online, so therefore having a copy of the job description, even if it is a print-out, is essential for interview prep.



3) Take Advantage of Online Tools: Many job sites have built-in tools to document and manage your applications. For instance, offers an application history, saving jobs feature, job alerts, resume/cover letter manager and mobile app. All of these features are available at no charge to candidates when they create a job seeker account. Setup your free job seeker account, or log in to your account now to start the road to successful job search organization.

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