What Do Tailgates and Job Interviews Have in Common?

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tailgatesarrival of fall means football season is in full swing! Whether you’re spending Friday nights rooting for the hometown pride, Saturday’s on a college campus or playing armchair quarterback from your recliner for the NFL teams on Sunday, football season is a big deal to a lot of people! Some of our own AgCareers.com staff members are devout college football fans and during the fall you’ll most likely find them spending Saturdays at their alma mater hosting great tailgates and cheering loud!


Since 2006 my friends and I have hosted a tailgate at the same location of Oklahoma State Universities campus. Hosting a tailgate is no simple task; it takes a lot of planning to be executed successfully. While setting up the tailgate this past weekend I started thinking about how much great tailgates and great job interviews have in common.


Prior preparation

Coordinating the menu, décor and entertainment for a tailgate takes some planning well before gameday. The same goes for job interview prep. Spend time prior to the interview researching the organization, practicing answers to commonly asked questions and learning more about the organizations industry.


Show up on time

Traffic can be a bear on gameday and if you don’t get out of the door on time you may be listening to the game via your car radio. Unplanned detours or parking problems can also impact your arrival time for the job interview. Allow extra time and plan to arrive early.


Dress for the occasion

While the beer guzzler helmet and team colors are encouraged on gameday, you’ll want to step it up several notches for the job interview! Assess the type of organization you’re interviewing with and dress appropriately for the role you’re applying for.


Bring extra

Ice and food: these are two things you can count on never having enough of at tailgates. We often anticipate more fans dropping in than originally accounted for and pack extra to accommodate. The same rule should be applied when printing resumes to take to the job interview. Take more than what you think you’ll need to ensure everyone in the room can have a copy.


Show enthusiasm

Game day excitement is unparalleled for the avid fan! It’s uncommon to find anyone not smiling (unless their team is getting beat!) at a tailgate. Channel this same enthusiasm for your job interview by being upbeat and confident.

Win or lose, celebrate the experience

Sometimes the win doesn’t go to your team and that can be discouraging. Similarly, you may not get every job you interview for. Win or lose, there are experiences to still be celebrated. Just like a coach will review game tape and adjust, take the time to dissect the interview and look for the highlights as well as areas for improvement.


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