standing out to employersBetween high school and college, most students have served some type of leadership position. It can be difficult to shine in a job interview when several of the candidates have the same experience as yourself. So, what makes you exceptional? Standing out to employers may be simpler than you think.


Utilize Your Resources


Ask a previous employer or an organization you were involved in to send a recommendation letter to a future employer testifying some of your key strengths or positive work attributions.


Build Connections


You have probably already heard this one a million times but I will say it again. Building connections is so important to establish relationships no matter what industry you are in. Employers talk and references are key, so take the time to establish contacts with anyone in the industry.


Send Thank You Cards


An email is generic and the employer likely already receives one hundred a day. However, a thank you card received in the mail informs the employer that you are genuine and really appreciated their time.


Research the Company


Interviews can be intimidating unless you come prepared. Standing out can be as simple as just taking the time to learn about the company you are interviewing for. Employers can tell when an interviewee has taken the time to research and prepare for the interview. Come equipped with questions to ask pertaining to something you found while researching the company. Discover a unique feature about the business and express that to the interviewer.




Service is a tremendous demonstration of character. An employer can learn a lot about your willingness to assist and compassion for others. Service trips through local youth groups, public service projects, or even just putting in some hours at the local food bank are all great ways to serve your community.




Holding a leadership role is so much more than the title. Become active in a position so you can discuss the skills you acquired. For example, the event you helped organize or an organization you were able to sponsor through a fundraiser. Employers are looking for someone who not only has the experience but also the determination and readiness to learn.


Check out this article for more ideas to stand out to employers.



Post by Kate Boeckenstedt – Summer 2018 Marketing Intern

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