How to Spot a Great Employer

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how to SPOT A GREAT EMPLOYERSo, you’re on the hunt for a new job or you are a new graduate looking for your first start! Navigating job postings, career fairs and social media can be time consuming. When targeting your job search, how do you spot a great company to work for? It isn’t just the job description you should focus on, it’s also the company. Outside of your family, work is said to be the biggest thing to influence happiness and most of us spend most of our time at work. Also, the more comfortable you are in your workplace, the better you will likely be at your job. Here are some tips for honing in on that company with the culture for you and how to spot a great employer:


1. Internet research. Research the company. Look on their website and read about what they say about themselves and their employees. There are also a variety of websites and forums where current and previous employees can post about their own employment experiences with the company. Social media is also a great tool for researching companies and look to see what brand the company is showing through their social media channels. Does their messaging appeal to you?


2. Ask the right questions in an interview or informational interview. Ask the interviewers to describe the company culture from their perspective and what their favorite thing about working there would be. This is really one of the most effective methods for how to spot a great employer. They are interviewing you, but you are also interviewing them for fit!


3. Networking. Ask people in your network if they know of anyone who works at the company or who has worked there in the past. Ask these people about professional development and training. Can staff implement ideas in the workplace? What is the staff turnover?


4. Salary and benefits. It is important to assess if you will be paid a fair salary for a new role. There are various online tools to benchmark salaries for many different roles in many industries. However, it is important to also examine additional benefits, especially if you have been offered a lower salary than what surveys are saying is standard. Extended health benefits, parental leave, flexible work hours, pension contributions, and more are all very valuable benefits that could off-set a lower starting salary.


There are so many factors that contribute to happiness in a job. Knowing yourself and what is most important to you in workplace culture is the first step in finding the right career fit with the right organization. And like any part of the job search process, research, research, research to spot a great employer. You have taken a lot of time to fine-tune your resume, cover letter and interviewing skills, so it is important to remember to apply this same dedication to researching potential employers. It can save you a career misstep and ensure you find that career fit sooner than later! works with some fantastic companies, including our Employer Partners. To read more about our Employer Partners, please click here.

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