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podcasts for professional developmentI LOVE podcasts! They help make a long drive more bearable and keep my mind alert while on the road. Admittingly, my favorite shows are murder mysteries, but I’ve also discovered shows that are beneficial for my professional life (and don’t creep me out when driving down a two-lane road late at night!).


Maybe you’re like me and have a stack of articles and books that would really benefit you professionally, if only you could make the time to read them. Podcasts enable me to gain wisdom during a time in my car that is otherwise spent trying to out-sing whoever is on the radio. They are also free and easily available on a range of devices. Check these podcasts out and download them for your next drive!


Great Professional Development Podcasts


The Goal Digger Podcast– Marketing, Social Media, Creative Entrepreneurship, Small Business Strategy and Branding (hosted by Jenna Kutcher)
Jenna has over 100 workshop style episodes available. Geared toward female listeners, episodes cover topics ranging from making Pinterest a priority for your business, email inbox management, growing your dream team and authentic marketing. She’s funny, real and sharp as a tack.


Ted Talks Daily (hosted by various personalities)
Released daily, these podcast episodes are typically 10-20 minutes, making them great for short commutes. The big ideas and success stories are a great way to feel energized and inspired.


Awesome Etiquette (hosted by Lizzie and Daniel Post of The Emily Post Institute)
Civility and decency: two things today’s world could greatly benefit from. Listen to the “Awesome Etiquette” podcast and you’ll learn modern etiquette tips for moving to a new neighborhood, managing angry donors, tipping, and office parties.


The Ziglar Show – Inspiring Your True Performance (hosted by Kevin Miller and Tom Ziglar)
Just like Zig’s famed books and talks, these podcasts encourage listeners to reflect on both their personal and professional lives. “The Ziglar Show” then shares the impact of positive attitudes, gratefulness and goal setting. Episodes generally last an hour.


These are just some of my favorites. There’s a wide variety of shows available on a range of topics. For new listeners, I encourage keyword searches within iTunes (or whichever platform you use) to help find what most interests you. Happy listening!


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