Four Jobs in Agriculture that Didn’t Exist 20 Years Ago

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jobs in agriculture that didn't exist 20 years agoAs a 26-year-old, it’s crazy for me to say that I remember what the agricultural landscape looked like 20 years ago. I grew up on a small hog, soybean, and corn operation in northern Iowa where, at age six, our first desktop computer with the brick maze screensaver was cutting-edge and we could not fathom how technology could and would impact the agricultural industry as we knew it. Today, we’re fortunate that, like the world around us, agriculture has become incredibly advanced and we’re able to multiply production to better feed and fuel the world. And while it’s popular to assume that technology is diminishing agricultural roles of the past, it has also created a vast number of new jobs in agriculture that previously did not exist. Here are four jobs in agriculture I can safely say did not exist twenty years ago:


Precision Agriculture Specialist: This role may be what first comes to your mind when considering new jobs in agriculture. Precision ag workers build and work with precision agriculture technologies to improve and collect data around the planting and harvesting of crops.


Geospatial Analytics Scientist: GPS is helpful for more than just finding your way out of a city. These agriculturalists use GPS in precision agriculture capacities and more. Drones are popular tools utilized by geospatial analytics scientists.


IT Specialist: Okay, this one is perhaps a bit of a stretch, since there were computers 20 years ago and therefore, there were likely IT specialists. But the role of information technology in agriculture has greatly expanded today. Agricultural companies, not only technology companies in agriculture, employ information technology specialists to oversee and troubleshoot their computer systems. The industry employs Configurators, Software Developers, Web Developers, Programmers, Analysts, and App Developers. Check out these information technology jobs in agriculture to understand just how vital they are to the progress of agriculture.


Social Media Strategist: Like literally everything else in the world, agriculture is no stranger to social media, and it’s become a very important tool for agricultural companies and organizations to advocate and educate on behalf of the industry they serve. Social media strategists work to promote their organization’s offerings as well as the industry as a whole.


While this post illustrates roles that did not exist two decades ago, each and every role we know today in agriculture has been influenced by the onset of advanced technology. To find tons of cutting-edge jobs in agriculture, be sure to visit and explore current roles in the industry.


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