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danielle tucker internDanielle Tucker joins this summer as our Marketing Intern in Ames, Iowa. She is currently a student at Iowa State University pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Animal Science and a Master’s of Business Administration.


What will you be working on this summer with


I will be working on a few large projects including creating an Ag Major Profile section for the website and putting together reports for companies about what their interns experienced. Also, I will be doing some benchmarking analysis on to see how well we are serving customer needs. I will be writing articles and blogs about multiple areas in the workplace. I look forward to helping with the Roundtable as well and experiencing it for the first time!


What are you most excited for about this internship?


I’m excited to gain experience in marketing! I recently headed a new direction in school by pursuing a MBA along with my Animal Science major so this internship will allow me to explore areas within the business industry while still being involved in agriculture.


What advice would you give to job seekers using for the first time?


Don’t limit yourself – be open minded to new opportunities. There’s more out there than you may realize! I think many people are nervous to try something new or fear being rejected, but enthusiasm and passion can help you reach the career path you want.


In your spare time, what do you like to do on weekends?


I spend most of my weekends horseback riding or farming with my boyfriend in Southern Iowa. I do my best to be outdoors as often as I can. This summer I hope to visit my family in Illinois for a few weekends as well!


What’s your favorite snack and name one thing you can’t live without while working?


Does ice cream count as a snack? Maybe brownies? I probably eat enough ice cream to call it a snack if it isn’t one. This might seem odd, but I’m thankful I have a window while working. I enjoy being able to see outside! I don’t like working in enclosed spaces that feel like a dungeon.


Favorite book and favorite movie?


I don’t know if I could say I have a favorite book – but I do love almost any book by Nicholas Sparks! One of my favorite movies is The Best of Me, which happens to also be a book written by Nicholas Sparks. I enjoy cheesy love stories and romantic movies.

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