Lunch Interview Do’s and Don’ts

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LUNCH INTERVIEW DO'S AND DON'TSBy Linque Martin, 2015 Campus Ambassador – Tuskegee University


As young professionals enter the workforce they may not have much experience with any interview that is different from the classic behavioral interview. The lunch interview is quickly becoming more popular in the corporate world as it has a more relaxed atmosphere, and both parties are in a more comfortable setting. Although many may not yet be familiar with this interview, here are a few quick tips to prepare anyone for this type of interview.


5 Tips for a Lunch Interview


1. Don’t use your cellphone. This is still a job interview. Just because the atmosphere has a more relaxed energy it is still incredibly unprofessional and rude to be on your phone. Turn it off and put it away until you part ways with your potential employer.
2. Don’t immediately start selling yourself. You don’t want to appear too strong nor do you want to make your potential employer uncomfortable. Give it some time as the conversation progresses, and play upon your strengths as the interview progresses.
3. Don’t order the most expensive thing on the menu. Regardless of the restaurant you want to be mindful of the price of your food. This doesn’t mean order a glass of water and a simple salad, but be careful with your food choice. Ordering an expensive item that you would not eat normally looks as though you are trying too hard to make an impression.
4. Don’t show up late. Still keep timeliness as a priority. Anything can happen as far as traffic is concerned so it is best to arrive at the restaurant at least 15 minutes prior to your scheduled meeting time in order to give yourself extra time to prepare.
5. Don’t order messy dishes. Again you want to be as professional as possible during this process, and you want to leave a good impression on potential employers. Try to avoid any foods that may be runny or have excessive sauce to them.
These are just a few simple tips that will help make any lunch interview easier. Remember that although the atmosphere will be calm and relaxed you are still in an interview and to remain as professional as possible.
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