Land a Job Right out of College

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land a job right out of collegeDon’t hate me–I know, this blog post may not be super timely, as most of the college students I’m speaking to at this moment have just recently become graduates. But there’s still time to say you got a job right out of college if you haven’t already! Here are a few tips on how to land a job right out of college:


Not Too Picky, Now: I have always felt that you have a right to be picky with what you choose to pursue in terms of a career. It’s something you could be doing for a long time, so you should pick something that you want to do. But let’s get down to earth: if it’s your first job, it’s okay to go with something that isn’t your dream job right off the bat. Your dream job might not be available right now, so go for something that you can see improving you in the meantime.


Get Professional: Time to shape up social media profiles and get a professional email address. No more or alcohol in your in profile picture.


Apply Anyway: Don’t meet all the requirements? There’s a rule of thumb that as long as you qualify for about 2/3 of what the employer is asking for, you may apply. Don’t sell yourself short. Ask yourself if you can do this job to the degree and ability the employer is looking for, and apply anyway.


Do Some Tailoring: Want to land a job fast? TAILOR YOUR RESUME. Tailor your cover letter. Tailor anything that you can to the company and the job that you are applying for. Taking a few extra minutes to plug in special skills or experiences relevant to the job requirements in your cover letter could mean all the difference. Altering your job experience to the position you’re applying for saves your potential employer time and gets their attention.


Complete an Internship: There’s still time to do this if you haven’t yet! Some employers will accept recent graduates into their internship programs. And even if their website doesn’t specify that they do, there’s no hurt in applying or calling to ask about availability. Check out internships on


Use Your Connections: You know how everyone talks about networking and you think it’s all just talk? It’s not. It really works. Even if none of your connections, mentors, or professors directly know employers that are hiring, they can at least give you ideas and be a reference when you need one. Visit your career services office on campus if you’re not sure where to start or if you don’t feel like you have solid connections.


Use Your Resources: I got my first job out of college utilizing and you can too. It’s easy to use, it’s free, and we provide built-in resources to help you land a job ASAP. Visit today, create a profile, upload your resume, and start searching.

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