How to Keep a Secret Job Search Secret

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secret job searchIt’s incredibly important to maintain discretion during your job search. Unless there has been a mutually agreeable conversation between yourself and your manager regarding your wishes to move on, it’s in your best interest to keep your intentions secret until you’re at the point of providing references. Many employers see departing employees to have lost loyalty and no longer have their company’s best interests in mind. Employers often consider currently employed candidates to be more valuable than those who are unemployed for unknown reasons. But how do you go about a secret job search when you have an existing full-time job?


Let the job offers come to you. If you are even slightly considering moving on to a different company – add your resume to an online resume database. Every employer that posts jobs on has access to our online resume database. They can search through active resumes by locations, keyword, or career/industry type. If they think you are a match then they can reach out to you directly to start the conversation. Be careful to remove both your name and your current employer’s name if discretion is important.


Do your job search on your own time. Even if you don’t think that your employer is tracking your browser or email history – don’t consider looking at other opportunities while at work. The risk of being dismissed on bad terms, or revealing your intentions is not worth it. Save it for after hours, or even your lunch break so long as you aren’t using a company phone or computer.


Job search alerts. Make your job search less time consuming by setting up job search agents on the website. Just log in once a week and run your search agents to see any new jobs that match your search criteria. Coming soon: the ability to set up email alerts when there is a new job that matches your criteria.


Consider using an app to streamline your search. The app allows you to save your secret job search to run each time you open the app; you can also find a job on the app, then save the job to apply for it later. You do have the option to apply through the app, but you may want to apply later so that you have time to customize your resume to the specific job.


Network and explore opportunities confidentially. Seasoned professionals or senior executives are welcomed to register as talent members on our new private online community called Elite Talent. Often it’s more important for executives to maintain discretion in their job search. Elite Talent allows you to do just that. Make connections, explore opportunities, and take advantage of career transition resources all while remaining confidential until you choose to reveal your identity. makes it easy for you to be efficient and discrete in your job search. Start your secret job search today!

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