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job search lessons from AgCareers.comThere is certainly no shortage of advice when it comes to the job search process, as most everyone has an opinion about the steps both novice and seasoned job seekers should take. Knowing that the insight comes from a place of credibility is key. That’s why I’ve asked staff members to share job search lessons learned from their personal  experiences as well as from working with active job seekers as part of their daily roles. Interviews with these staff members included so much great information that is pertinent to today’s job seeker!


What are some of the most memorable job search lessons you’ve learned from the process?


“Accomplishments do not necessarily mean you will get a job if they are not relevant to the specific job. Out of school, I listed a lot of my awards and accomplishments that were not relevant to the job…employers are looking for specific skills and competencies.” Carolyn Lee, Talent Solutions Manager Western Canada


“Even if you don’t have all the preferred qualifications listed in a job description, apply anyway! If an applicant meets the required qualifications, employers will likely still consider your application. Oftentimes the preferred qualifications are their wish list, but perhaps not realistic in the candidate pool.” Bonnie Johnson, Marketing Associate


What is something that you wished you would have done differently during a past job search?


“I wish I would have known more about the importance of keywords when it comes to applying online. I likely could have been able to connect with a few more job opportunities just by using the right words that matched the job description.” Erika Osmundson, Director of Marketing and Communications


Which job search lessons do you wish were widely taught to novice job seekers?


“I wish more new job seekers were taught the importance of proper and polite communication. Too many job seekers correspond with their hiring manager or interviewer like they’re speaking to a friend, when really, it is time for more formal speech and writing.” Kristine Penning, Creative Marketing Specialist


“While this is taught, new job seekers need to pay more attention to the importance of details through the application process. Make sure that your cover letter and resume are top-notch. No errors! I can’t believe how often these types of errors happen. If you are asked to complete some questions through the process, be sure to do so and thoroughly. Erika Osmundson, Director of Marketing and Communications


Which job search lessons do you wish were widely taught to job seekers with years of work experience?


“Getting an interview is not the end game. Interviewing is a completely different skill set than writing an effective resume. Practice your interviewing skills and be ready to share “success stories” that can apply to many different interview questions.” Carolyn Lee, Talent Solutions Manager Western Canada


“Navigating the digital application process. Computers are sometimes making the first pass through applications before they even make it to a human for evaluation. If you aren’t including the right keywords, your application may never make it to the hiring manager.” Bonnie Johnson, Marketing Associate


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