Job Offer Questions to Ask Yourself

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job offer questionsCongratulations! You’ve just been presented with a job offer for a new position. You have reviewed the compensation and benefits package, and everything seems great. Before accepting the position, are there any other factors you should take into consideration? Here are some common job offer questions to ask yourself:


1. What’s the location/ schedule of the new position? Does the new position allow you to work from home or does it require going into office? How long is the commute? Do folks stay late or leave at 5 o’clock? These are important considerations. Some folks are okay with a commute and longer hours, and others not so much. Be sure to be honest with yourself about what you’re comfortable with, because over time it could take a toll on your enthusiasm for the position.


2. What in the world will you be doing anyway? Make sure you fully understand the details of the responsibilities of the position. Don’t wait until the positions begins to learn about your new role! The moment you realize there is an aspect of your position you didn’t expect can be a rude awakening.


3. Does the organization support career development? Did the interviewer get silent when you asked about what types of career development opportunities would be available? Career development support is essential for helping you stay current in your field and move to the next level. Knowing what types of career development opportunities will be available are a great added benefit not always discussed.


4. What’s the culture of the organization? One of the most important job offer questions. Do you prefer a more buttoned-up culture or a relaxed environment? Did you get a good vibe from other employees during the interview? If everyone seems super serious and stressed out during the interview, this could be a major red flag. You’ll be spending a considerable amount of time with these folks every day, so it is important to feel at home in your potential new environment.


5. Does this position fit into short and long-term career goals? Is this a marketing position, when your career goal is ultimately to become a nutritionist? While there are always learning opportunities with every position, it is important to determine if the new position will propel you towards your career goals. Unless you are open to taking any position, be mindful of how the new position will help you accomplish any career goals.


Accepting a job offer is a very exciting step. By doing the correct amount of research and planning when asking yourself these job offer questions, you can ensure that your new position will be an exciting new adventure within your career journey.


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