The Benefits of Interning During the School Year

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interning during the school yearEvery college student knows how difficult it can be trying to maintain good grades, a social life, and a job. However, there are some serious benefits to juggling those challenging tasks, especially when one of those tasks is interning. Employers want to see that you can balance several different aspects of life at once and it also gives you the sense of how much you can really handle. Here’s why it may be beneficial to intern during the school year:

Time Management

Interning during the school year helps keep a balance between work and school. Let’s be honest, when you only have one class at 9 am it can be hard to get up and get going but knowing you must go to campus because you have to work afterwards, helps motivate you!


Summer Internships Are Not Your Thing

Maybe you go home to help on the farm or want to spend a summer traveling abroad. But if you get stuck in a college town during the school year, check into interning for a company or organization in your area. There is nothing wrong with keeping your summer free to work back home and finding an internship for the fall or spring semester.


The Name of the Game is Experience

There is no such thing as gaining too much experience. The more internship and work experience you have, the more valuable you can be for your future employer. It never hurts to make some extra cash while gaining valuable work skills.


Expanding your Network

The more opportunities you experience, the more possibilities there are available to growing your network. Employers in the agriculture industry have connections and can help you down the road when applying for other internships or jobs.


More Opportunities

If you really like your internship during the school year, there may be possibilities that the company could keep you as a full time intern for the summer as well. If not, it may just give you insight on what internships you could pursue in the summer.


Check out to find internships during the school year near your college town!


Blog by Kate Boeckenstedt, 2018 Marketing Intern

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