How To Pack For Work Travel

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How to Pack for Work TravelAre you new to work travel? If any of you are like me, the term “heavy packer” reaches a whole new level. This is something I have always struggled with. I mean, a girl has to have options right?


Well, let me tell you, after doing some work travel with, my packing has become a bit lighter and much more strategic. It’s not that cute when you are running through airport terminals with a large, heavy bag only to finally reach your seat and you are literally sweating… yes, unfortunately, I have been that person.


I always think it is a good idea to do a little prep work before packing.


Some questions to ask yourself:

    • How many days will I be gone?

    • What is the weather going to be like?

    • Is it business casual, formal or a combination of both?

    • How much walking am I going to be doing?

    • What work materials will I need to have on hand?


The first work travel question for me always determines whether or not I can get away with packing just a carry-on or if I need to check a bag. I hate to admit it, but I really struggle with just packing a carry-on. The dang liquid laws can really get you! I try to look through the schedule of events to determine what type of clothing I will need to bring and whether or not I can get away with wearing the same outfit all day and through the night. I always find it nice to bring at least one outfit that is a bit more formal in terms of a dinner outfit just in case.


In terms of strategy, if I am checking a bag, I ALWAYS have a spare outfit in my carry on just in case my luggage gets lost, well that, and makeup for sure! I always prepare myself for the worst if my bag gets lost so bringing your computer, cell phone chargers, headphones, business cards, or anything else that you would absolutely need for your trip should always go in your carry-on bag. I find it very helpful to make myself a checklist and double check everything before my bag goes in the car.


The better prepared you are in terms of packing for your work travel, the less stressed you will endure when arriving.


Check out this blog for how to put together a stylish, polished outfit. Happy packing!

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