How is Your Internship Going?

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Victoria (right) working with our Education and Marketing Manager Ashley Collins.

Victoria (right) working with our Education and Marketing Manager Ashley Collins.

by Victoria Price, 2015 Marketing Intern
A mother lets go of her toddler as it takes the first steps into the world by itself, but remains close by to supervise. An employer lets go of the intern’s hand as they take their first steps into the “grown up world” and begin the journey of the career and professional life.
As an intern, we are all toddlers taking our first steps by ourselves. We are still needing our parents (mentor) to teach and give us the tools and skills to become a successful experienced professional but to provide those from afar in a supervisory role.
Internships are the exciting, dreaded professional development rite of passage every college student and young professional seeks to experience before starting their career. For many interns, it is a time where you get your first taste of the “grown up world” and a chance develop professionally.

I am fortunate to say I am entering my junior year of college and working in my second summer internship. This year I have the privilege of working under a wonderful mentor, an amazing marketing team and a great company at I get to do real work that can benefit the company and offer me valuable experiences. My ideas and suggestions are heard and respected. I feel trusted to do the projects assigned and any task needed. I enjoy the work. I enjoy feeling like part of the “grown up world”, living on my own and experiencing what it is like to relocate for a job.
Thus far, the best part of my internship would be the connections I have built with my mentor and team. We have formed an open and trusted relationship. Without them, I know I wouldn’t be as successful or happy this summer.
I urge all interns to become acquainted with your mentors professionally and personally. Inquire what more you can do to help. Do not be afraid to suggest ideas, request for more tasks, in the appropriate time and in an appropriate manner, or additional challenging work. Push yourself and get the most out of your time together. Someone will not always be holding your hand; take advantage of the opportunity to walk alone now.
Internships can be daunting, but as an intern we have mentors and employers to walk with us every step of the way. It’s a baby job, and like toddlers need supervision, so do interns. I need my mentor’s advice, opinion and instructions. Doing work on my own can be frightening because it’s important to remain conscious of the company brand, and how my actions can impact that brand. Nevertheless, I have a great mentor to instill her faith and confidence in my work, challenge and push me to be better and teach me the skills needed in the professional world.
My internship is going great, and I hope that yours is too.
I’d love to hear about your internship experience, email me at Check out other articles about making the most of your internship in our Ag & Food Employer Guide archives.

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