How Do You Define Career Success?

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how do you define career successCareer success is a subjective term and means different things to different people. However, there are some commonalities that the majority of people agree is important when it comes to discussing “career success”. A successful career is usually one where the person feels happy to go to work every day, doing something of interest to the individual. Many people also measure career success by income, employer, prestige, etc. However when it comes to these criteria, they are not the same for everyone. So, why should someone define what career success means for them? Without defining career success, it is difficult to define career goals and without goals, it is difficult to plan and achieve.


If you don’t define career success, you will never know when you achieve it.


Here are points to consider when defining career success for you:


• Build your career around what you value and what your skills are best suited for

• Stay positive

• You must manage your career like you would manage a business

• Be willing to look at your skills and potential critically


When looking at career success, it is often important to look at life goals as well, these often go hand in hand. Career success begins with clarity of purpose and direction. Successful people know what they want in life and no one else can define that for you. However, there are many that help you on this path, mentors, managers, career counsellors, friends and family are all people who know you in different ways and can help you understand where your career values lie.


Here are some other questions to consider when defining career success for yourself:


  1. Do you get to showcase your talents in your career choice? Most people who are successful in their career know what they are good at and are able to practice and demonstrate this regularly in their work
  2. Do you get to live your passion? Are you motivated to do what do you every day?
  3. Does your work align with your values? This question speaks more to lifestyle values and is your career aligned with your lifestyle?
  4. Does your career provide you with a level of compensation you are content with? We all need to make a living to provide for ourselves and families.


These are all questions and tools to consider when defining career success for ourselves. If this is something you have never consciously considered, it is never too late to plan for career success!

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