High-Paying Jobs in Agriculture for Two-Year Degrees

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two-year agriculture degreesAgriculture has a range of opportunities for all different education levels. For some, heading straight into the workforce after graduating high school is the best option. Others may need a bachelor’s degree from a university to achieve their career goals. But if the best fit for you is to spend two years acquiring an associates degree, there are still plenty of suitable jobs in the agriculture industry. Here are five rewarding agriculture jobs that only require a two-year degree.


1. Grain Buyer


With an average annual salary just below $64,000, you can make an honest living as a Grain Buyer. A Grain Buyer would require strong interpersonal skills because they spend a lot of time building relationships with farmers. Companies will hire a Grain Buyer to negotiate grain prices and coordinate deliveries. The best part is, this career only requires an associates degree in agriculture business.


2. Construction Foreman


An associates degree gives you the upper hand with this career, and on average a Construction Foreman makes well over $62,000. They aid in building multiple different agriculture buildings while demonstrating strong leadership skills in order to lead the rest of the team into a completed project. If you’re looking to pursue this career, a two-year program in carpentry, construction, equipment operation, power technology or building systems will put you on the right track.


3. Feedlot Manager


Who wouldn’t want to spend every day around cattle while making an average of $50,000 a year? A Feedlot Manager takes the responsibility of overseeing the daily operations of the feed yard. They work in conjunction with the General Manager to analyze herd nutrition and ensure feedlot operations are profitable. To become a feedlot manager, you will need an associates degree in the areas of animal science or agriculture business.


4. Energy Sales Specialist


If you have or are looking to obtain an associates degree in agriculture, business, marketing, or accounting, you may have the option of becoming an Energy Sales Specialist. The main goal of this position is to generate sales of fuels. This is done through sale calls and targeted marketing, so a conversational, creative mind would be the best fit. At one of the highest on our list, Energy Sales Specialist make an average of almost $66,000.


5. Cotton Gin and Warehouse Manager


A Cotton Gin and Warehouse Manager has the unique role of supervising the cotton ginning process while overseeing the logistics with USDA Cotton Classing offices. A position in this field would be beneficial to those wanting to live in the Southern United States, where cotton production is the highest. Cotton Gin and Warehouse Managers can expect an average salary of around $63,000 per year and should consider obtaining an associates degree in agriculture mechanics, engineering, business, or marketing.


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