Can I Be Fired Without Warning?

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fired without warningThere is no magic formula of how to perform within your job and not get fired. Every company is different, with different managers, employees, situations, and laws that apply to each based on their location. Can you be fired without warning? The short answer is it depends.


Generally, once an employee has committed an act of gross misconduct, the employee can be fired without warning. For example, stealing from your employer, hitting another employee or vandalizing office equipment may land you with a pink slip in a hurry. Gross misconduct rules should be equally applied to everyone from the top to the bottom of the organization. In addition, being a top performer doesn’t exclude one from the consequences of gross misconduct. If an employee is the top salesperson but uses illegal drugs at work, that employee may not have a secure job. Aside from steering away from gross misconduct, there are a couple of additional actions you can take that will help decrease the likelihood you’ll be fired without warning.


Communication is the key to ensuring you don’t land in the hot seat. A best practice for organizations is to advocate for regular formal or informal meetings between the manager and employee. Several times per year try meeting with your manager to discuss your performance. If your manager doesn’t initiate the meeting, that is okay, most welcome a regular check-in with their employees. Meetings do not have to be formal, and you can simply meet to discuss current projects and any successes or hurdles you are currently facing. Keeping your manager in the loop is always a smart move.


While communication is key, documentation is also heavily important. As you work throughout the year, track any kudos you’ve received. On the contrary, if there were any issues you addressed, keep documentation of those instances and how you worked to resolve them as well. Should a performance issue arise, you’ll have documentation to support yourself. You may be surprised about all the great work you have completed throughout the year. You can also use this documentation to support how you completed goals and objectives for the year.


While there is no guarantee you won’t be let go, but it is less likely to happen if you are playing by the rules. If available, take a movement to review any policies pertaining to employee standards, as well as the Code of Conduct for your organization. Your attitude each day can play a huge role in your overall success at an organization. As an employee, we each have a decision to put our best foot forward each day.


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