My Favorite Agriculture Podcasts

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best agriculture podcastsI talk about podcasts a lot. I am fascinated by the creativity, wide topic range and knowledge that is offered through this medium. Maybe you share my excitement, or perhaps you haven’t yet subscribed because you’re not sure where to start or haven’t found any that interest you. There are seemingly thousands of podcasts available and to be honest, some aren’t that great. So, when I find a good series to follow I am eager to share with others! Below are my current favorite agriculture podcasts:


Keeping Ag Real hosted by Jenny Schweigert – I recently found this series and have really enjoyed the variation of length (as short as 12 minutes or as long as 45 minutes) as well as the diversity of topics. Jenny tackles all sectors of the industry, even the challenges, while bringing in outside perspectives.


Shark Farmer hosted by Rob Sharkey – If you don’t like sarcasm or dry wit, this won’t be your jam. With episode titles like “Jill Burkhardt Proves Hippies Tell Bad Jokes” and “A Russian and a Canadian Walk into a Bar,” you can’t expect too serious of a host. However, Rob’s interviews manage to pull out great stories from those involved in the industry in a very authentic way. Also new agriculture podcasts are posted regularly.


Ag Law in the Field hosted by Tiffany Lashmet – Tiffany and I were students at Oklahoma State University at the same time and she is one of the smartest people I’ve ever met. Raised on a sheep and cattle ranch in New Mexico, Tiffany knows firsthand the struggles and opportunities we face in agriculture and couples this with everything she’s learned as an ag lawyer. Episodes primarily focus on policy and regulations as they impact water rights, easements, hunting leases and much more. Tiffany and her guests make complex subjects understandable!


Beef Pros hosted by Ben Spitzer & Garrett Thomas – Beef Pros as the name indicates is focused on the beef business and the people who make up the industry. Past episodes have featured the “Hardcore Carnivore”, university faculty, ranchers and cowboy hat makers. Sadly, there hasn’t been a new episode posted since September 2017. That’s a bummer because their content is really interesting!


Shining Bright | The FarmHer Podcast hosted by Marji Guyler-Alaniz and Lexi Marek – Much like the RFDTV show, the podcast highlights extraordinary women in agriculture. You’ll hear from digital strategists, urban goat farmers and international traders who are making shaking things up!


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