Eradicate Resume Cliches

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eradicate resume clichesI suppose it’s time to take my own advice from this blog to update my resume and online profiles! NO, I’m not looking for a new job, but I’ve realized my descriptors are tired, overused, and dated. Updating your personal introduction, social media profiles, resume or CV should be completed on a regular basis, even if you are happily employed. If you’re actively job searching, it can make all the difference if you delete old phrases and resume cliches and add a few powerful, action words.

Even though it may still fit, my “dynamic and driven professional” descriptor has evolved into a group of resume cliches. You know, those buzzwords that have become abused in the workplace? Synergy. Team effort. Strategic. Innovative. The words we are guilty of overusing in everyday life and conversations: excellent, very, good, love, great…and the list could go on and on.

Most of us on the road to career and self-improvement love (there’s that overused word again) lists of what NOT to do. I guess it’s easy for us to identify what we should be avoiding and make quick changes. By no means is this list exhaustive, but if you are wasting valuable space on your resume with some of these weak words or jargon, then you should consider replacing them soon:


Additional Avoidances:


Delete your list of references from your resume and even remove “References available upon request” from the bottom of your resume. Employers will ask for your references if required. It’s obvious that you will supply references if needed.


Do away with “I” & “Me” in your resume and profiles. Losing these personal references puts emphasis on the powerful words and what you’ve achieved. Instead of “I was awarded Top Mid-West Regional Sales Representative,” simply state “Awarded Top Mid-West Regional Sales Representative.”

Remove or rename phrases like “responsible for,” “responsibilities,” “duties,” and “experienced at.” Replace with achievements and active words. These power words are action verbs that further express and highlight your accomplishments and skills. Think power words such as created, achieved, improved, resolved, influenced, and negotiated.

For more action words to create a stellar resume, check out our Power Up Your Resume! Career Guide article.

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