Do’s & Don’ts of Salary Negotiation on the Job Offer

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salary negotiationSalary negotiations can often be the most dreaded part of the pre-hire process. A little work beforehand can help to ensure that you remain as confident through the negotiation process as you did the interview stage. Below are a few things that will help ensure in the end you’re satisfied with the offer you receive.


Salary Negotiation Do’s


1. Do know your number. Some employers will ask upfront what salary you are looking for, while other employers may not ask because of local legislation. Even if you are or aren’t asked, you should have at least a range in your head you are willing to accept.


2. Be prepared. If you give the employer a salary number, be prepared to state why you are worth that amount. Let the employer know that based on your research and considering your skills and experience, you are looking for “x” dollars. Research is the key to a great offer if you don’t know what your worth or willing to accept, how will you know if you should accept the offer?


3. Be appreciative. If it isn’t the amount you are looking for, don’t respond in a rude manner. Simply state that you are appreciative of the offer and the time they have put in to making the offer, but it’s not the amount you feel you deserve.


4. Be confident. Continue to show enthusiasm for the offer. Responding “Yeah, this offer is alright, I guess” doesn’t really make the employer excited about you joining their team.


Salary Negotiation Don’ts


1. Don’t feel obligated. You aren’t obligated to accept for turn down an offer immediately once it is extended. Taking time to carefully think about the offer can ensure that you are making the best decision.


2. Don’t focus on just the number. If the salary isn’t quite what you were hoping for, consider benefits included, time off, retirement, or flexible work arrangements offered. Also, consider how often salaries are typically increased and if there is a bonus or incentive plan included. All these factors together can mean a stronger offer.


3. Don’t underestimate yourself. Know your worth throughout the salary negotiation process and don’t be afraid to share the experiences, skills, and knowledge you have that make you worth the offer.


4. Don’t forget about the employer. I’ve been on both sides of the aisle and most employers put a lot of thought into the offer. Hiring managers must ensure they are remaining competitive, while staying budget, and remaining fair to current employees. Sometimes finding the right number takes a bit of work!


Once you reach the salary negotiation phase, it is important to keep up the momentum that brought you to this stage. Remaining courteous and professional is the key to a successful negotiation.

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