The Definitive “Before the Interview” Checklist

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before the interview checklistCongratulations on getting an interview! Now it is time to prepare yourself to be sure you are on you are on your “A” game before the interview. Here is a checklist to help prepare yourself for the big day.


Research the company

It is important to know the company and know your audience before the interview. If you are serious about this interview, you need to show your interviewers that you have done the work ahead of time. What is their culture? What do they actually do? You will really impress your audience if you are able to pull information about the company in your prepared answers. Show them you are ready to be a part of their team!


Know your resume

This may be a no-brainer, but actually study your resume before the interview! Know your skills, abilities and experience. Reference your resume. This will allow you to make connections between who you are, what you have done and how it will assist you in this new role.


Practice some basic interview questions

Prep yourself with some basic interview questions to be sure you are prepared before the interview. Ask yourself, why do you want to work for the company, what makes you a qualified candidate, what are some of your strengths and weaknesses, etc. Preparing yourself with questions is extremely important and will help ease your nerves and help you sound professional and polished.


Make sure you have relevant material

Be sure you bring nice copies of your resume, cover letter, and a list of references. Is this a role that you may want to bring in work samples? Think outside the box and be sure you are prepared. This allows you to show your audience the thought that went in to preparing yourself and that you are a professional.


Prepare your outfit ahead of time

Don’t scramble the day of and just throw and outfit together! Prep your outfit before the interview and have a plan before the day of. This will alleviate some extra stress in the long run.


Plan your travel time wisely

The last thing you would want to do is arrive late for your interview. Be sure you plan your travel wisely. Give yourself some extra time; you would much rather be early that late!


Just breathe……

Do as much preparation as you can, but the day of, try to relax and have confidence in yourself and your abilities. Be yourself and be honest during your interview. Now is the time to showcase your abilities so take a deep breath, think through your questions and try to enjoy the process!


For more suggestions, here are some things you should & shouldn’t bring to an interview.

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