Contract Jobs: The In’s & Out’s

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contract jobsGo to work on Monday. Take your lunch break. Go home. Repeat until Friday. Ah yes, the classic 9-5, 40 hours/week job. Is this you? Have you thought about exploring other options? What about those things called contract jobs … what are they and how do they work?


Contract jobs are just what they sound like, jobs that are contracted. The position could be contracted for a certain project, a specific length of time, a temporary position…there are a handful of reasons an employer would want to hire a contract employee. Contract positions can look completely different from one to the next, so it is important to understand exactly what is involved with the contract position you are considering.


So, what should we know about these types of positions? I reached out to our HR Team here at to hear their thoughts on these roles from a Human Resources perspective. They shared that it is important to understand the parameters of the role.


Some things to consider about these types of roles are the salary, benefits, hours, expectations from the employer, length of the position, and what to expect afterward. Knowing these key elements to the position before you take the job are important to ensure you are meeting the expectations of the employer while on the job.


Below are some examples of questions that you could ask during an interview for a contract position.


• What are the expectations for my hours per day/week?
• How long is this position expected to last?
• What, if any, benefits are included with the role?
• Will there be a possibility for a full-time position afterward?


Things to keep in mind if you were to take a contract job:


• You will be responsible for your own taxes
• You may not be a part of the typical office culture


What are some reasons you might take a contract position instead of a full-time role? Perhaps you just moved and are still looking for a place to settle. Or maybe you are looking to build your resume with skill and experience. A contract position might be a good fit if you were recently laid off and have not found another full-time role yet.


If you do take up a contract position, it is important to focus on relationships and your performance. Both may help you secure a permeant position at that company in the future!


Contract jobs are not for everyone, but they are a great option for those who may be looking for something for a short amount of time. Click here to find contract, temporary and maternity leave roles on

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