How to Ask for Continuing Education or Training Opportunities

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continuing educationIt is always important to grow as a person not only in your personal life but also your processional career. Conferences, continuing education and other training opportunities are a great way to learn and grow in your professional career. Sometimes it can be a bit awkward or even a little stressful to ask your boss to spend the money on you to participate in different opportunities. Here a few tips on how to ask for these opportunities.

Research the event or training program:

• What exactly is it that you want to attend
• What is the goal/takeaway of the continuing education or training program
• Compare a few different programs/events
• When will this occur and how much time away from your job
• How much will it cost: Registration, Hotel/Lodging, Food, Transportation
• What type of companies attend


Sell the reasons why it will benefit (return on investment):

• How will this help you grow professionally and individually?
• Will you be able to pass on any of these skills to other teammates?
• Does this assist in keeping up to date on trends in your industry?
• Will this help lead to new possibilities for the company?
• Is this a good opportunity to meet others in the industry for leads and referrals?

Once you have done your research and come up with ideas in terms of how continuing education opportunities will benefit you and the company, determine whether you will present this to your boss/supervisor in person or via email. From there be sure to compile all your thoughts in a nice presentation or email so that it is straightforward and gives all the relevant details. It is always a good idea to have some materials or literature from the organization that will be hosting you. Know all the in’s and out’s of this to be sure you are prepared for questions afterward. This is your time to shine and prove that you are deserving of outside opportunities!

Looking for HR-related continuing education opportunities? Check out the Ag & Food HR Roundtable or our other training offerings. You may also consider checking out’s University Partners.

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