Are You a Serial Procrastinator?

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procrastinatorIt happens to all of us at one point or another. Whether it’s a work project, laundry, or Christmas shopping, there tends to be at least one thing that continuously gets pushed back until the last possible minute. There’s a procrastinator in all of us. I am big proponent of list making- crossing off a task once completed is a feeling that I love! However, I’ll admit that there is generally at least one task on my weekly to-do list that doesn’t get crossed off and then reappears on the next weeks list, and the next weeks and sometimes even the week after that.


Why is this? The easy answer is that some tasks are just less appealing than others (I don’t know anyone who gets excited about folding laundry). But what about the work projects that you just can’t seem to get a start on and keep pushing off? Assuming you’re not a lazy employee and are just a procrastinator, it likely has more to do with:


  • Confusion as to what the project specifics are: Who else is involved, what is the timeline, etc.?
  • Uncertainly about what the expected outcome is: Upon completion, what type of tangible outcome will there be?
  • Unfamiliar with how similar projects have been approached in the past: Is there an available template? What has been successful or unsuccessful in the past, etc.?


Think about what you’ve been putting off at work and I’ll wager that one of the three statements above explains the root of your procrastination. So, what do you do about it? Ask your teammates or supervisor for clarification! Get additional insight into the project and you’ll likely gain a new understanding and the boost of confidence needed to quit procrastinating and get the project done!


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