7 High-Demand Ag Jobs for Veterans

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1Listen up, military veterans: agricultural employers WANT YOU! In a preliminary snapshot of the “Veterans and Military Professionals in the Agricultural Workplace” survey by AgCareers.com, 85% of agricultural employers agreed that military professionals and veterans have experiences and transferable skills that make them a good fit for the agricultural industry. If you are unfamiliar with the agricultural industry or simply aren’t sure which career your military skills would best align with, here are 7 high-demand ag jobs for veterans of the military.


7 High-Demand Ag Jobs for Veterans of the Military


1. Logistics: Military veterans and professionals are calculating, quick on their toes, and organized. This is the perfect combination for a career in logistics and supply chain management. Logistics professionals hold the responsibility of oversight of factory or customer deliveries, freight quotations, onsite pickup, and overflow and direct-to-port. They also implement the supply chain goals of a company. Learn the educational requirements and employers of logistics professionals.


2. Information Technology: There are tons of exciting careers in technology within the agricultural industry, and military veterans are a perfect fit due to their exposure and skills with technology. Learn about careers for IT Configurators, IT Web Developers, Software Developers, IT Specialists, IT Programmers, IT Analysts, and Precision Agriculture Specialists.


3. Mechanical: If you’ve had experience on maintenance in the military, a career in mechanics or maintenance may be for you as your skills are highly desired by agricultural companies. Check out the Ag Mechanics Pathway in the AgCareers.com Career Profiles where you can learn more about careers as a Service Technician, a Mechanical Engineer, or a Heavy Equipment Operator.


4. Human Resources: Military veterans know better than anyone the importance of teamwork and loyalty. This is why human resources is often a good fit for military professionals. Many HR duties include recruitment, development, benefits, and employment of staff for companies. Find work in agriculture human resources as a College Recruiter, Corporate Recruiter, HR Manager, or an HR Generalist.


5. Safety: Careers in agricultural safety continue to accumulate in agricultural companies, as safety is now more than an ever an utmost priority. Military veterans bring caution and discretion to careers in safety as well as caring and quick-thinking. Consider a career as an Occupational Health and Safety Manager, responsible for policy, procedures and measurement of occupational health and safety in the workplace.


6. Animal Caretaker: Working with animals is a very rewarding experience, and military veterans often have the caring nature needed to work in this field. The agricultural industry offers countless opportunities to work with animals. Find careers like Herdsmen or Breeding Manager in the Animal Science Pathway from the AgCareers.com Career Profiles.


7. Sales: Again, due to a strong sense of loyalty and teamwork that military veterans and professionals often inhibit, they bring a great deal of skill to sales roles. Agribusiness is teeming with opportunities in sales in various subindustries. Visit AgCareers.com to find an opportunity perfect for you.


AgCareers.com’s Ag Warriors program works with leading agricultural employers who have pledged to actively recruit military veterans into their organizations. Learn more about how Ag Warriors can benefit you.


Have you had experience applying to work in the agriculture industry, or have you already worked in ag as a military professional or veteran? We want to hear from you! AgCareers.com is currently conducting a survey entitled “Veterans and Military Professionals in the Agricultural Workplace.” Share your thoughts and experiences and you could win one of five $100 Visa Gift Cards! Take the survey now.

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