6 Unique Agriculture Jobs on AgCareers.com Right Now

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There are tons of interesting jobs out there, many of them out of the ordinary. AgCareers.com boasts more than top-of-the-mind positions like agronomists and sales managers. Here’s a small taste of some interesting jobs you might not expect that are listed on AgCareers.com right now:


Hydroponics Manager | Blue Grotto Farms LLC | Ocala, Florida
If you haven’t heard of hydroponics, you probably will soon, as they could become a mainstream form of agriculture in the next several years. Hydroponics is a method of growing plants or crops with mineral nutrient solutions in water in place of soil. This particular position calls on applicants to work with hydroponic produce. Click here to learn more about this job and apply to it.

Feedlot Cowboy/Pen Rider | Washington


Think cowboys are a thing of the past? Think again! If you grew up wanting to be a cowboy, you can be one professionally on this Washington ranch. This job requires the successful applicant to spot, diagnose and treat sick cattle. So it’s maybe not quite the cowboy experience you might have read about or seen on Bonanza, but it gets you on a horse and among cattle. And if you enjoy caring for livestock, even better. Learn more and apply to this job here.


Chief of Party, Cambodia | ACDI/VOCA | Cambodia


ACDI/VOCA is an AgCareers.com partner dedicated to helping developing countries succeed in the global economy through their agricultural and food industries. This particular role is being sought for an “anticipated USAID-funded Feed the Future Project in Cambodia.” This project’s purpose is to promote improved agricultural growth as well as food security. So for those who thought that a career in agriculture economics couldn’t take them places, just check out this exciting, one-of-a-kind opportunity to improve the world’s agriculture by clicking here.


Fleet Deckhand | Archer Daniels Midland Company (ADM) | Ottawa, Illinois


Much of the movement of agricultural products and goods are moved via water. Those interested in working on a boat or barge can blend that with their interests in agriculture. This particular position requires the successful applicant to work on tugboats operating on the Mississippi River and to prepare barges for delivery. AgCareers.com has several positions like this one if you are interested in work on the water.


Technical Lead – Floriculture Planning | Syngenta | Indiana


Yep, AgCareers.com even has some jobs in floriculture! In case you didn’t know, floriculture is essentially the farming of flowers. The purpose of this role is to develop floriculture production plans and to monitor the growth of plants ordered for special events. So if you enjoy gardening and have a degree in horticulture (or floriculture), check out this position!


Crusher Maintenance Mechanic | Impact Sand & Gravel | Las Vegas, NV


AgCareers.com isn’t just the leading online job board for agriculture; we also host a number of natural resources-related positions like this one. Join this mining equipment company as a crusher mechanic (meaning you get to fix machines that crush large rocks). If you enjoy repairing machinery and being outdoors, check out this opening.


There truly is something for everyone on AgCareers.com. If you can’t find what you’re looking for at first, dig a little deeper by conducting an advanced search on the site.

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