5 Things that Will Make Your Resume Stand Out

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make your resume stand outWorking on crafting your resume? As you likely already know, the competition is fierce. How will you make your resume stand out? Use these helpful tips and you’ll likely receive a call asking for an interview.


5 Ways to Make Your Resume Stand Out


1. Visual Aids – Take your formatting to the next level and add dividing lines between sections. If you are providing a copy of your resume and they will accept PDF make sure you submit with PDF. This ensures that your hard formatting stays put and doesn’t change depending on their version of Word. Don’t be basic, so use font styles to dress it up. Examples are – Underline section titles, bold job titles, and italicize dates.


2. Loyalty is key – If you have been jumping around between jobs this shows a lack of loyalty. Try to stay at a job for at least 3 years before making career moves. Obviously there are exceptions but be prepared to explain them in your interview.


3. Measure yourself – Not your height…List all your accomplishments and skills not just the job duties. Take it a step further and measure every single accomplishment if you can so that it resonates with the potential employer where they will think they could get the same results from you.


4. Customize yourself – The best sales people connect and make their clients feel they are similar. You should do the same when selling yourself through your resume for a job. Make sure your resume is specific to EACH job you are applying for. Use keywords from the job description, company website (vision and mission) to show you will fit in not only for the job but the company culture.


5. Meet the minimums – Make sure you meet all the minimum qualifications. Hiring managers are having to sort through many different resumes and if you don’t meet the minimums you are potentially wasting their time and could ruin your chances for when you qualified later. If you feel there are exceptions to yourself with the minimum make these clear in your cover letter.


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