5 Things Elite Talent Can Do For You that LinkedIn Can’t

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5 Things Elite Talent Can Do For You That LinkedIn Can'tIf you had to select from the three categories of talent listed below, which would best describe your current situation?


• Ultra-Passive Talent – Very content where you are in your career and not even contemplating a career move in the foreseeable future.

• Passive Talent – Reasonably content with your current position, but there are times throughout the year that you contemplate a career move.

• Displaced Talent – Soon to be displaced or already displaced due to a company decision, merger, acquisition, etc.


Whichever the category you identified with, chances are you have a LinkedIn profile established. LinkedIn has become a wonderful resource for professionals to network and become connected. It has become a source for prospective employers, recruiters, and professionals to find each other. AgCareers.com made the decision a couple of years ago that there was a need to develop a community within our site specifically for upper-level and highly specialized talent to discretely navigate a career move. This community is called Elite Talent.


Elite Talent is a private talent community, from AgCareers.com, where agricultural employers can source and connect with quality-checked, industry-specific executives, senior management, and specialized talent through a unique online platform that allows employers to post jobs and engage with talent members through a candidate messaging system in a controlled, confidential manner.


Below are 5 advantages Elite Talent has over LinkedIn:


  • Senior level or highly specialized open career opportunities are only viewable by approved members: As an approved talent member, you have access to open jobs not accessible by the general public.
  • Heightened privacy and confidential environment: If you are not extremely careful with LinkedIn, people (including your employer) can see your footsteps. With Elite Talent, we allow you to create a custom profile that displays your credentials without your identity until you are ready. If you are in the “Ultra-passive talent” or “Passive Talent” category, this is huge! If an employer wants to exchange with you, your settings can allow you to exchange without the employer knowing your identity.
  • Elite Talent Membership: As an approved member of the community, you are among the most sought after talent pool. This is a pretty cool/elite “club” to be a part of!
  • Access to career navigation resources: The resources available include the ability to benchmark your current compensation to others within the sector/industry. Additionally, there are short videos with great advice for “Passive Talent” and “Displaced Talent” in navigating career moves and transition.
  • Ability to block select employers/search firms: As an approved talent member, you have the ability to block select employers from ever seeing your profile. As new employers become engaged in Elite Talent, you receive text notifications allowing you to take action if needed with your profile.


We are excited about our recent launch of Elite Talent and the high-level connections that have already been made within this community! LinkedIn will continue to be a valuable resource for professionals, but Elite Talent is proving to be a valuable resource for professionals (regardless of profession) within Ag and Food. Our mission at AgCareers.com is to provide global talent solutions in agriculture and food. The AgCareers.com vision – Feeding the world with talent.


Create a free profile today and join the Elite Talent Community.

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