5 Highest-Paying Jobs in Agriculture

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5 highest-paying jobs in agricultureWith help from Cynthia Cole


Agriculture is such a great industry to consider joining! As consumer demand for agricultural products is growing both domestically and internationally, demand for a diversity of careers increases as well. And contrary to popular belief, many jobs in ag are very well-paid. To illustrate, below is a list of the five highest-paying  jobs in agriculture.


The 5 Highest-Paying Jobs in Agriculture


Ag C-Suite Executive – $200,000+


A company’s foremost senior executives hold strategic management and prominent leadership roles within a startup or proven organization. As one might expect, they are the highest-paying jobs in agriculture. C-Suite roles include such titles as Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Chief Operating Officer (COO), Chief Financial Officer (CFO), etc. To learn more about C-Suite Executive careers in agriculture, click on the following links to career profiles:



Ag Lawyer – $160,000+


Agriculture is a heavily regulated industry; therefore, lawyers that specialize in areas pertaining to agriculture are in high demand. As the industry evolves, the wide span of matters ag lawyers deal with expands as well. Matters that ag lawyers handle include environmental issues, labor/HR issues, immigration, land use, commerce issues, intellectual property, mergers/acquisitions, etc. To learn more about what an agricultural lawyer does, as one of the highest-paying jobs in agriculture, view the Career Profile.


Ag Sales Manager – $125,000+


Sales professionals in agriculture are typically well-paid and their responsibilities can be quite enjoyable for people who like building relationships, negotiating, and providing customer service. Often sales jobs require having technical knowledge of certain sectors of the industry or experience with crops or markets within specified regions. Traveling is also typically required and can be extensive. As a Sales Manager, you may oversee a staff of sales professionals and train them, while being responsible for meeting territory goals and objectives. To learn more about careers in sales in agriculture, you can view details in this Career Profile.


Ag Scientist – $120,000+


The field of science offers a vast array of rewarding roles in agriculture as necessary for higher quality and quantity of food and related products increases. In general, science jobs are among the highest-paying jobs in agriculture. To list just a few, some high-demand roles in ag science are Bioinformatics Scientist, Regulatory Scientist, and Animal Geneticist. To learn more about science careers in agriculture, click on the following links to career profiles:



Ag Engineer – $80,000+


Engineering is another high-paying career path to take in agriculture and there is a good amount of diversity in specializations. Roles such as Environmental Engineer, Ethanol Engineer, and Mechanical Engineer are just a few specialties currently in high demand. The outlook for jobs in this field is very good as the ag industry advances. To learn more about engineering careers in agriculture, click on the following links to career profiles:



AgCareers.com offers career profiles on over 200 roles within the agriculture industry. To learn more about these roles, their responsibilities, the education/training required, and the future job outlook, click here: http://www.agcareers.com/career-profiles/.


Salary data provided was sourced from AgCareers.com’s exclusive online ag salary survey, the Compensation Benchmark ReviewThe data represents national averages only. As always compensation is subject to many factors including: level of experience, specialization, education, location, and employer size.

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