5 Bad Habits to Drop Between College and Your Career

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By Danielle Tucker, 2017 AgCareers.com Summer Marketing Intern


We all know someone who has developed bad habits from college and you may find that you have developed some as well. Habits can be extremely difficult to break, especially if they have been going on for the last few years. Fortunately, bad habits can be broken and success is not far away. Eliminating bad habits will take discipline and hard work, but it will help you in the long run.


A Bad Attitude.

No one likes a bad, pessimistic attitude. Your attitude affects those around you and influences their attitude as well. In a working environment, you want to spread positive vibes and enthusiasm to your co-workers. It’s important to understand that if you want to make a positive difference in your position, you must change your attitude to positively influence people you work with.

Showing up late.

Showing up late to work doesn’t fly like it did for class. Many students walk in late, leave late, don’t show up, don’t engage, etc. Performing like this at work will land you jobless or stuck in the same position, never moving up in the company. Your boss and co-workers will notice if you aren’t at the job when you are supposed to be.

Staying up too late.

You can try staying up late, but research shows that a lack of sleep leads to poor health and performance. Some people brag about how they can run on no sleep; however, it has been scientifically proven that a lack of proper sleep can lead to a higher risk for serious medical conditions and a lower quality work performance. The hours of sleep necessary vary from person to person, however, if you feel like a zombie at work the next day, you should reconsider your sleeping habits.

Vulgar Language.

If you want to become successful, start speaking like you are successful. Your thoughts and words help guide you to action. Using bad language in front of others also leads them to lose credibility in your professionalism. People are observant creatures and they notice how you speak. If you have a bad mouth, it’s likely it will be difficult for you to be promoted and be a leader in the workplace.

Pointing Fingers.

Stop trying to find the blame for a situation. Don’t blame others and don’t blame yourself. Putting blame onto something just allows you to provide an excuse for a situation. Excuses don’t get you to where you want to go. Learn to move on from a situation and figure out a way to fix it, do it, or achieve it.


Of course, there are more than just 5 habits that are accrued during your time in college, but it is important to pick a starting point. Eliminate one habit at a time to better yourself. Use these guidelines to pursue personal growth and see that your success is determined by you.


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