10 Things You Should Never Wear to Work

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never wear to workWorkplace wardrobes can be tricky, particularly for those employees who do not have a mandated uniform or clearly written (and modernized) dress code policy. However, you may have a few things in your closet that you should never wear to work, regardless of how well the dress code is explained or enforced.


1. Flip flops. The weather is warming up and maybe you have a really comfortable pair. Sorry, put them back in the closet. Flip flops are never quiet and they’re never that nice (no mater how much you spent on them). While some offices may permit open toed shoes, sandals that expose more foot skin than they cover should be saved for the weekend.


2. Leggings as pants. While some dress codes may ban leggings all together, I can justify their presence in the office when worn under a LONG tunic or dress. However, substituting them for pants is not acceptable.


3. Shorts (this includes short rompers). Athletic shorts, denim shorts, linen shorts. No kind of short should be worn to work.


4. Exercise wear. If you’d wear it to the gym, never wear to work.


5. T-shirts with political statements, religious references or other offensive wording. No matter how close you are with your coworkers, even if you think they may laugh or agree with the t-shirt’s message, its not appropriate for the workplace.


6. Strong fragrances. Loading on the cologne or perfume is a sure-fire way to make your coworkers cringe. One spritz will do.


7. Anything that requires a strapless bra. Strapless, backless, halter tops or spaghetti straps. If your top shows enough skin that a strapless bra is necessary, it needs to not be worn to work.


8. Uggs. If you need these furry boots or another type of snow boot or rain boot for your commute to work that is perfectly acceptable. However, be sure to pack another pair of workplace appropriate shoes that you can change into once you’re in the dry office.


9. What you wore yesterday. New grads, this one is for you. No matter how late of a night you had make sure you make the time to change into a fresh set of clothes.


10. Pajamas. It’s crazy to think this must be specified. However, I’ve seen it happen and never want to see it again!


If you’re questioning whether something is appropriate for work, err on the side of caution. My rule has always been, “don’t wear anything to work that you wouldn’t wear to church or in front of your grandmother!”


For more tips on workplace dress codes view this article.

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