10 Interview Mistakes to Avoid

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interview mistakes to avoidHaving a great resume is key, but showing up to an interview with a positive attitude ready to sell yourself as a great fit for the position and company is even more important. When looking for the perfect candidate, every employer is different but there are certain expectations when going in to any interview. Check out these 10 Interview Mistakes to Avoid.

1. Arriving late

Employers are taking time out of their day to show an interest in you and to learn more about you and how you fit into their culture and organization – don’t waste their time by arriving late! Not only is it rude, but it could also give employers the impression that you are not serious or reliable.


2. Inappropriate Dress


Dressing inappropriately is one of those interview mistakes that can go both ways. Dressing too casual for an interview can be awkward and uncomfortable. Align your interview outfit with the industry and company style. Wearing a suit and tie is always recommended and professional, but some companies may give you a tour of a facility or visiting a work site during the interview. As always, make sure that whatever you choose to wear is appropriate, clean, and neat. If you aren’t sure, research the company or ask if there will be a tour or field visit during the interview to plan your outfit accordingly. If nothing else, err on the side of formal dress.


3. Talking Too Much


Interviews are an opportunity for the employer to ask questions and vice versa. Answer the questions more in-depth than simply answering yes or no, but keep your answers concise. You want to keep the interviewer focused and listening to your answers. Taking longer than a minute or two to fully answer a question may cause their mind to wander.


4. Negative Attitude


Nobody wants to hire a negative Nancy! Speaking positively about a negative situation and showing that you can handle yourself in those circumstances will go a long way in an interview.


5. Not Researching the Company


One of the gravest interview mistakes. Come to the interview prepared with a few questions, but make sure that you have a basic understanding of the company and what they do before you head to your interview. Do not show up completely clueless. If the interviewer asks you about a certain aspect of the company, it is good to know a few key points and finish with “…but can you tell me more?” or “…I would love to learn more about that product”.


6. Uninterested


You do not have to be completely sold on the job that you are interviewing for, but that does not mean showing a lack of interest. The employers are learning just as much as you are in an interview situation, be respectful of their time and yours! Body language is a blessing and a curse, if you are not paying attention or making eye contact, the interviewer may think you are uninterested and you may lose your opportunity.


7. Using your Cell Phone


Do yourself a favor and just leave your phone in the car, or turn it off! There is nothing more embarrassing than your phone going off in the middle of an interview.


8. Resume


Chances are, if you have made it to the interview, the employer has looked at your resume. An interview is an opportunity for you to speak in-depth about the experiences and education listed on your resume, it should not be a word-for-word overview with a lack of depth and explanation.


9. Badmouthing Past Employers


This is one of those interview mistakes that can really hurt. It’s a small world, so speaking negatively about a past company or coworker might stick with the interviewer and leave a bad first impression. Negative experiences in the workplace should be treated as learning moments and reflected in an interview as such. You may not have had a positive experience with a past employer but taking what you learned from that experience, will get you farther than negativity.


10. Did I Get the Job?


Don’t call immediately following the interview to see if you got the job or make repeated phone calls. Chances are, you are not the only person the employers are interviewing for that position so be patient.

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