What to Bring to an Interview

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what to bring to an interview Your resume impressed the employer and you are now on to the next step, a face to face interview. Time to prepare yourself: you’ve gone through the processes of researching the company, analyzing the job description, practicing questions and have even picked out the perfect outfit to wear, but have you really put much thought into what you are going to bring with you to the interview? This may seem like a silly question, but many people forget to take into consideration the appropriate and inappropriate items to bring with you to the interview. Don’t stress! Below is a list of items that that should help you through the process.


Items to BRING to an Interview


Extra copy of your resume

It is easy to assume that your interviewer already has a copy of your resume and you may be thinking this is not necessary. Never assume that there will not be additional people in the interview than expected. Not every person may need a copy, but it never hurts to have them on hand.


A list of your references

Have a list of your references on hand and ready if the employer has not already asked for them previously. Make sure you have contacted each person on your list so they are ready to receive the call.


Pen and paper

Bring a pen and pad of paper just in case you need to need to jot down any notes. Though you may not use them, this shows that you have come to the interview prepared and are really listening and taking it seriously.


List of questions

Don’t be afraid to have a nice typed out list of these questions on hand. You will be nervous and this would be a nice tool to remind yourself of the questions you would like to ask. Of course, do not ask “How much will I get paid?”



Bring a nice folder, briefcase or portfolio to contain all of the materials listed above. These all look really professional, and it is a clean and easy way to contain your materials without being too bulky and distracting. You want to look prepared and ready to go!


Items NOT TO BRING to an Interview



Do not bring a phone or tablet to the interview, not even in your purse or bag! You may forget to turn it off or put it on silent and it would be a huge distraction and quite embarrassing for this to go off during an interview. It’s best just to leave it in the car.



Never bring a friend, spouse or parent to the interview with you. You want to present yourself as confident and prepared to the employer. This would be a complete turn off for the employer and may result in them questioning your capability.



So you had some time to kill before the interview and thought you would grab a snack. Great, but do not bring evidence of this to the interview. This is just distracting and no one wants to smell it or see it.


Extra baggage

Avoid bringing any unnecessary baggage with you, whether it be a large purchase or even a computer bag. Only bring what is absolutely necessary and items you need. Having too much baggage can be distracting and can make it hard to get a good handshake in with too many things in your arms!


Bad attitude

Life can really throw you some curve balls, and the day of the interview just may be one of those days. Don’t let outside stressors affect your attitude. Body language and tone of your voice can speak volumes about your personality.


These are just a few items to consider. Remember, believe in yourself and your skills. The better prepared you are, the better you are able to present yourself as the best candidate for the job!


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