Scary Work Situations

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scary work situationsOh the horror! As an employee, you’re bound to run into your share of terrifying moments. Telling your boss you’re taking another job can be as scary as seeing Michael Myers watching you from down the street. Asking for a raise can be more frightening than The Blob! Here are a few scary work situations you might experience and how to be prepared to handle them.


Telling Your Boss You’re Leaving: Putting in your two weeks notice can make you nervous, because it could be difficult to do without burning bridges. Your boss might even be the reason you decided to leave in the first place but are not sure how to tell them. Remaining positive and being upfront are key to creating a smooth transition with your soon-to-be former employer. Check out this post for more tips to ease the anxiety of this scary work situation.


Asking for a Raise: Now, hopefully, the worst thing about asking for a pay raise is that your supervisor will say “no.” But let’s be honest: if they say no, it can also leave you with a bruised ego. Prepare for the meeting (and you should prepare a formal meeting to discuss this, by the way), by asking yourself these three questions.

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Relocation: Your boss just told you, not asked you, that you are being transferred. AHH! This can be one of the scariest things that can happen to an employee, especially if you’ve really grown to enjoy the place you are living and working in. Relocation isn’t always ideal or smooth, but take it from an expert:’s Ashley Collins has made several moves over the course of her career. Check out her personal advice for handling a literal career move.


Admitting a Work Mistake: Take it from someone who’s made her share of work mistakes: it never gets easier to admit you made one. You want your coworkers and supervisor to consistently see you as reliable, and after a mistake, you might need to work on earning trust back. Here are some tips for bouncing back after a major work mistake.


Getting Fired: Probably the scariest work situation of all. Getting fired can totally surprise you and throw your life off track. Hopefully your supervisor had been courteous enough to give you a warning, but it could still come out of the blue. For one thing, you’ll want to know the facts. Hold your emotions in check and ask that your supervisor explain what happened. After that, there are a few other important steps to take. Learn more about the process of bouncing back in this newsletter article.


Whew! After all that terror, you probably need something a little more light-hearted. But then again, what’s scarier than Powerpoint? Happy Halloween!

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